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Nomad Capitalist helps location independent entrepreneurs find the best international strategies to legally reduce their taxes, live around the world, and create wealth.

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Your Three Steps to Greater Wealth and Freedom

Offshore Strategy Session


Offshore Strategy Session



I actually do this stuff. Unlike lawyers and accountants who focus on theory, I’ve done this stuff for myself and I know what works… and what doesn’t work. That means I understand your WHY, not just your WHAT.

I focus on the big picture. My philosophy is all about getting you across the offshore “finish line” in the easiest way possible, rather than chasing specific shiny objects like Seychelles companies or Panama residency.

I give 95% of my stuff away for free. Unlike offshore service providers, I’m busy living what I preach and can only personally help five people a month. For everyone else, I offer a lot of materials to help get started.

Strategies We Use Ourselves

Second Passports and Residency
Offshore Bank Accounts
Offshore Companies and Tax Strategy
Global Real Estate Investing
Asset Protection

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We’ll help you build an “Offshore Blueprint” tailored exclusively for your needs. Let us show you how to make and keep more of your money.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I couldn’t be more pleased with the crew at Nomad Capitalist. Forming my Company in Hong Kong was an essential part of my offshore strategy, and their team made the whole process quite a breeze. I’m certain that I’ll be using more of their services over the next decade!

Conner Hogan

Lion House Games Limited

$31,700 in tax savings? Um, yes please! Thanks for all of your help getting this nomad’s tax deal taken care of the right way.

Amanda Lin

SEO Consultant

Andrew and his team have done just a fantastic job helping me obtain more freedom through legal offshore strategies. I would highly recommend their services. They are simply the best!

Matthew Goodart

I worked with you because you’re the only guy I know online willing to use his real name and face… it’s trustworthy. And the ROI I’ve gotten has been great.

Vic Dorfman

Founder of MemberFix

“Go Where You’re Treated Best”

With Nomad Capitalist, you design your perfect global lifestyle… living in Malta, a company in Panama, banking in Singapore, citizenship in Portugal, and real estate investments in Malaysia…

Keep more of your own money. Live the life of your dreams.

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What You Get With Nomad Capitalist

Real People


Our growing US and European team lives, works, and invests overseas, too. Based in Kuala Lumpur.

Personal Network


Andrew Henderson travels the world to meet with top experts and share their information with you.

Privacy and Peace of Mind


We only use 100% legal strategies for your peace of mind. And your information is always confidential.

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We’ll help you build an “Offshore Plan” tailored exclusively for your needs. Let us show you how to keep more of your money… and how to do more with your money.

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