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Isla Colon, Panama

Nomad Beach Index Ranking

Isla Colon, Panama beach is currently ranked as 11T with a total score of 35.50. Isla Colon, Panama beach ranking relative to other popular beaches is calculated by relying on data from over thirty unique sources to create the perfect ranking system. The Nomad Beach Index ranks beaches by aggregating beach beauty, services, taxation, immigration, and safety as most aspiring global citizens are not looking for a place where they can take the best photos to upload to Instagram for everyone to see. Instead, they work and live overseas and are considering how the place they are going to call “home” will affect their lives.

40 20 40 40 35
Beauty Services Taxes Immigration Safety
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Beauty of Isla Colon, Panama Beach 30% in total score

While it is not the whole equation, people obviously want to go to a place that is gleaming with natural beauty. We have not left this out of our formula! We have considered every single thing that a globally mobile entrepreneur might need when choosing the perfect beach location. We have combed through the most popular beach rankings like Condé Nast Traveler, Travel and Leisure, Global Traveler, and more to compile their rankings into one overall rating that would reflect the beauty and the essence of Isla Colon, Panama. We assigned Isla Colon, Panama a Beauty score of 40, meaning that Isla Colon, Panama beach can be considered as beautiful.

Services in Isla Colon, Panama 20% in total score

Another vital factor that you should consider is the type and variety of services that you can expect to receive in Isla Colon, Panama. This ranking looks at the diversity of the options provided by Isla Colon, Panama while checking the more critical aspects like airport size and capabilities. Some of the most basic services are also touched upon, like dry cleaning, cell phone reception, ATMs, and so much more! We assigned Isla Colon, Panama a Beauty score of 20, meaning that services in Isla Colon, Panama beach are somewhat diverse.

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Taxes in Isla Colon, Panama 20% in total score

A country’s taxation policies can be one of the most important factors that a globally mobile entrepreneur must consider. In this ranking, we have looked at the taxation policies in Isla Colon, Panama, where successful entrepreneurs and investors travel and how the duration of their stay could impact their taxation. A country like the United States that has worldwide citizenship-based taxation received the lowest score of 10 while countries with zero-tax systems received the highest score of 50. It is essential to dissect a country’s taxation policies before choosing the perfect location to move to, even temporarily. We assigned Isla Colon, Panama a Taxes score of 40, meaning that taxes in Isla Colon, Panama don’t tax foreign incomes of resident citizens.

Immigration in Isla Colon, Panama 20% in total score

For most people who consider themselves Nomad Capitalists, choosing the perfect beach location is one of the critical elements to their second passport portfolio strategy. You might be looking for a location for a temporary base, or you might be looking for a country to get your second passport – either way, a country’s immigration laws are crucial elements to consider. Countries that offer citizenship by investment rank the highest for this factor. Meanwhile, the countries that give out residencies via investment have a score of 40 and the countries that are the most difficult for immigration are ranked at the bottom. We assigned Isla Colon, Panama an Immigration score of 40, meaning that immigration in Isla Colon, Panama is allowed via residence by investment.

Safety in Isla Colon, Panama 10% in total score

Obviously, safety is not to be forgotten. It is best to consider each beach location’s safety since it can affect your freedom and personal well-being. There could be countries in the world with some of the best beaches, but if the location is unsafe, then there will not be any globally mobile entrepreneurs to visit them. In this factor, we look at all safety-related issues, like how safe it is to travel alone, and how secure it is for families and any common crime incidents that involve tourists in Isla Colon, Panama. We assigned Isla Colon, Panama a Safety score of 35, meaning that Isla Colon, Panama is very safe.