Thank you for completing the application. Our team will inform you of the decision in the next 48 hours. Make sure to check your email in the next 48 hours.


You might be asking yourself, “why does Nomad Capitalist have an application process?” The answer is simple: we want to work with people who truly want and need our help.
The unfortunate reality is that most people who start any journey, do not finish.

I think of this as joining a gym. How many people join a gym on January 1, only to show up once or twice and then go back to eating Doritos on the couch? These people are not ready to get in shape.

In the same way, most of the people who apply for my help each year will never be ready to actually take prompt action to better their lives.

Now that you’ve completed your application, you just need to be ready.

My team works hard to respond to all applications within three business days. Make sure you whitelist emails from and make sure to check all of your email folders.

Here’s why this is important…

Since I started helping people 1-on-1 in 2016, we’ve received more than 115,000 applications. My team and I don’t choose the wealthiest or flashiest people who apply.

Instead, we choose nice, normal people who are ready to do what it takes to succeed; people who realize the value of having a strategist, mentor, and coach to help them.

All you need to do is be ready for an email from my team. This seems easy, yet 35% who took the time to complete the application – and then get approved – do nothing!

You’re only one step away from finally getting started with the one person who understands what you’re going through and what you need.

I know how important this is because I’ve been right where you are.

I’ve made many mistakes along my Nomad journey, and it’s because of those mistakes that I know exactly how to help people like you get from where they are now to where they want to be.

You’ve come this far… the fun part is coming. We look forward to serving you.