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The 10 Worst Passports in 2023

Passports are a physical representation of power, privileges, and rights. Having one of the most powerful passports opens more doors—in this case, borders that can improve your life.


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But what happens when your passport is not one of the Canadian passports for example? Or what if it doesn’t have visa-free access to 174 countries like South Korea?

What’s The Worst Passport in The World?

Our team created a passport ranking criteria to determine ten of all the world’s passports based on three things: 1. Travel mobility 2. Opportunities for investment 3. Viability for a second residency

Libyan passports rank poorly due to instability and security issues. They offer visa-free access to 51 countries, mainly in Africa, but require advance visas for Europe and the US.

10. Libya Visa-free score: 51

North Korean passports are rare due to travel restrictions. While most citizens can't travel freely, the passport allows visa-free access to a few countries and visa-on-arrival in some African and Asian places.

9. North Korea Visa-free score: 51

Nepal's passport is weaker than North Korea's, mainly due to citizens overstaying visas. It grants visa-free access to 54 countries, mostly in Africa, with some Asian and Oceania destinations offering visa-on-arrival.

8. Nepal Visa-free score: 54

The Palestinian Territories face visa challenges due to political volatility. While 51 countries offer access, preapproved visas are needed for the US and European nations.

7. Palestinian Territories Visa-free score: 51

Somalia's passport ranks as the world's worst due to civil unrest and security threats, limiting visa-free access primarily to African countries. The UK, US, Canada, and New Zealand don't recognize it, severely restricting travel to these nations.

6. Somalia Visa-free score: 45

Yemen's passport, affected by the ongoing war, grants limited visa-free access to 45 countries. While the EU and the UK recognize it, entry requires extra visas, and restrictions apply for the US, Canada, and Australia.

5. Yemen Visa-free score: 45

Pakistan's passport ranks among the worst due to terrorist links, weak government, poverty, and visa overstay issues. Visa-free entry is limited to some Asian, Oceania, and American countries.

4. Pakistan Visa-free score: 45

Syria's passport, affected by conflict and terrorism, has slightly improved to the third-worst globally. Limited visa-free access to Africa and Asia contrasts with strict entry requirements in Europe and the Americas, and major restrictions in Australia.

3. Syria Visa-free score: 40

Iraq's passport is the second-worst in 2022, facing limitations due to terrorism, political instability, and poverty. With minimal visa-free access, Australia's strict restrictions add further barriers for Iraqi passport holders.

2. Iraq Visa-free score: 42

Afghanistan has the worst passport, marked by social issues, political unrest, and limited diplomatic ties. With access to only 39 visa-free destinations, mainly in Africa, and some visa-on-arrival options, entry to the US is restricted to Afghan diplomatic passport holders.

1. Afghanistan Visa-free score: 39

A weak passport results from economic, social, and political instability, along with poor foreign relations. No one wants to live or invest in a country marked by terrorism, poverty, and risk.

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