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Second Passport in Chaotic Times

The 2020 pandemic reshaped the US, prompting citizens to question their freedoms and security. Many sought escape within the country or abroad, leading to a realization that having a backup plan became essential, challenging the notion of staying in one place indefinitely.


This might ring true for you, but how do you move overseas? Or if you need more time to be ready, how do you ensure you have the option should a new politician take the country in a disastrous direction?

What’s Your Plan B?

There are numerous ways to build a Plan B for overseas living (or at least flexibility). From Golden Visas to second residence permits to offshore bank accounts, there are many ways to keep your options open. It’s all legal and increases your diversification.

Dual citizenship offers a lasting Plan B for living overseas, providing freedom for you, your family, and future generations. It ensures security, regardless of the U.S.'s future, and affordable options are available to obtain it. 

Second Citizenship

Mr. Henderson writes: “Being a dual citizen gives you more options because you have another country you can move to no matter what. If you don’t like the conditions at home, you always have another place that must accept you. Just as Americans moved from blue states in 2020, you would have the same privileges to move to your second citizenship country whenever needed.”

It’s an excellent way to ensure everyone in your family has what they need, no matter what direction the U.S. takes in 20, 50, or even 100 years from now. There are several ways to get a second citizenship, including some that are practically free.

Citizenship by descent allows you to claim citizenship in a foreign country based on your ancestry. If your ancestors moved to the U.S. from another nation recently, you might qualify. For example, if your great-grandparents were in Italy in 1861, you could claim Italian citizenship.

Second Citizenship By Descent

Explore second citizenship through Caribbean investment. A donation of $100,000+ in countries like St. Kitts and Nevis grants excellent passports and favorable tax rates. Turks and Caicos offer zero tax for larger donations to local projects.

Second Citizenship By Investment

Birth in most North and South American countries grants citizenship, regardless of your parents' origin or status. This applies in Mexico, Canada, and other Central/South American nations. If you're born there, you're a citizen, even if your parents aren't.

Place of Birth and Second Citizenship

Dual citizenship safeguards against political changes, allowing freedom to relocate. It extends to your descendants, offering flexibility like moving states. Nomad Capitalist can help you achieve this freedom. Apply now.


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