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Peter Schiff Predictions for 2023

The average consumer continues to see prices rising due to an ever-increasing national debt - which also decreases the dollar's value. Which in turn causes businesses to reduce employee pay. This unfortunate vicious cycle results in less money circulation in the economy.

Schiff Predicts Consumer Prices Will Continue To Rise

Peter Schiff predicts the little gains the dollar had in the last two quarters of 2022 will be lost this year within the next quarter. The U.S. dollar has steadily fallen since 2020. The national interest rates are at a 16-year high. Schiff predicts the USD index may worsen in response to the failing stock market.

The US Dollar Will Continue to Fall in 2023

The U.S. economy will not likely be the leading performer on the world's economic stage going forward. However, as Schiff predicted, increasing inflation has hit most U.S. savings and investment accounts. Assets such as homes, cars, and stocks no longer carry the value they once held and are not likely to provide the security they did in the past.

We Will Continue Seeing Falling Asset Prices

Many economists see a severe recession on the horizon. Schiff claims that the inflation threat is caused by reckless spending and unsustainable tax policy. The S&P down, falling real estate prices, and crude oil prices estimated to drop throughout 2023 may cause more serious economic downturns.

The Economy Will Continue Moving Toward Recession

– Rising national debt – High inflation – Crashing dollar – Falling stock market

What Are The Primary Drivers Behind The Economic Decline In 2023?

Peter Schiff primarily recommends cutting down on debt and investing in precious metals. He also recommends investing in Asian frontier markets since they will likely see 3% growth in 2023.

What Does Schiff Recommend For Investors in 2023?

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