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How to Get EU Citizenship as an American

This web story discusses how to get EU citizenship as an American, the benefits of an EU passport for a US citizen, and why is it necessary to get your European citizenship today.


Seeking an escape from US citizenship drawbacks like high taxes and restricted movement? EU citizenship can offer better healthcare, freedom, and peace of mind.

Get EU Citizenship as an American

Gain the right to live, work, and study in any EU country. Obtain Bulgarian citizenship, for instance, and you can freely move to Italy or any other EU nation.

Benefits of EU Citizenship for Americans

Stay in Europe beyond 90 days. Tap into the world's biggest single market with stability and lucrative trade opportunities.

Travel and Business Advantages

Escape the complex US tax system and possibly reduce your tax bill in Europe. Obtain EU citizenship through investment, naturalization, descent, marriage, or exception.

Tax Benefits and Ways to Acquire EU Citizenship

Fast track to EU citizenship with Malta’s program for over $1 million. Other options include Golden Visas from Greece, Italy, and Cyprus, requiring investments in real estate.

EU Citizenship By Investment

Live legally in an EU country, like Portugal (which offers citizenship in just 5 years), comply with its laws, and eventually gain citizenship. Each nation has its own timeline.

EU Citizenship By Naturalization

The cheapest route! Prove your lineage to countries like Ireland, Portugal, or Poland, and acquire a passport, often at minimal cost. We make the process easier with our CBD Plan.

EU Citizenship By Descent

– Ireland – Portugal – Poland – Italy – Greece

EU countries that offer CBD are as follows

Marry a national from countries like Spain, Portugal, or Italy. Contrary to myths, it doesn’t grant instant citizenship; you'll typically need to reside and possibly pass cultural tests.

EU Citizenship By Marriage

Rare but possible. Significant contributions to a country, like promoting it through fame, can earn you citizenship. Like singer Dua Lipa for Albania.

EU Citizenship By Exception

EU passport opportunities via Golden Visa and CBI programs are dwindling. To secure European citizenship, act fast and seek expert advice on this narrowing window.


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