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The Most Entrepreneurial Countries in The World

Explore entrepreneurial-friendly countries with Nomad Capitalist for success. Our expert-driven list focuses on where you're treated best. Elevate your entrepreneurship journey today.


With the research available and years of experience and with a focus on perceptions of government regulation, here are our top-rated countries, by continent (in no particular order) for the ease of entrepreneurial business:

Morocco is thriving in entrepreneurship, ranking 35th globally. With a favorable business environment, it's a top spot for investment and startups in Africa.

Africa Morocco

UAE tops global entrepreneurship rankings, focusing on future development. High startup rates pose a challenge, and costs are a drawback for entrepreneurs.

Asia and Oceania UAE

Indonesia ranks 7th on the GEM index, offering growing opportunities for entrepreneurs. Challenges include tax complexities, but its tourism focus makes it a potential investment hub.


Singapore offers entrepreneurs quick setup, flexible visas, and a thriving business scene. Despite higher costs, it's a top choice for high-net-worth individuals due to its strong economy and innovative atmosphere.


Colombia's economy grew by 7%, making it Latin America's fifth-largest. Bogotá is a startup hub. Quick company setup, global reach, and high informality drive its entrepreneurial success.

Americas and The Caribbean Colombia

Panama offers business-friendly environment, tax advantages, and personal freedom. Despite some challenges, it's accessible, with a decade of continuous GDP growth and a positive attitude towards entrepreneurs.


The USA offers a developed business scene but faces challenges like tax policies and high unemployment. Despite this, it's home to major global companies, especially in Silicon Valley, where small ideas can turn into billion-dollar ventures.

United States

Lithuania, ranking 6th on the GE index, offers an easy entrepreneur and investment visa. With a 15% corporate tax rate, it attracts new businesses, with 20% of adults planning to start a business soon, many targeting international markets.

Europe (within the EU) Lithuania

Switzerland, 8th on the GEM report, is ideal for entrepreneurs with excellent infrastructure and a favorable tax regime. Financial independence and a clear investment plan are required.


Georgia stands out for entrepreneurs with minimal regulations, limited capital requirements, and low corruption levels. Despite not appearing in the latest GEM report, it's a top choice in Europe for business opportunities.

Europe (non-EU) Georgia

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