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Top 8 Richest Countries in the World

The world's eight richest countries are surprisingly small but influential in the global economy. Nomad Capitalist aids in acquiring passports from these affluent nations, having assisted clients in 38+ countries.


GDP measures a country's economic strength, but many economists now consider purchasing power parity (PPP) for a more accurate reflection of wealth. PPP allows for a better comparison of real income and living standards between countries.

What is purchasing power parity GDP?

The US, with vast resources, remains a global superpower but lags in GDP per capita and has a global tax burden, leading some Americans to consider relocation.

United States $63,669.71 GDP (PPP) per capita

Norway, Western Europe's top oil producer, boasts a GDP PPP of $65,662.17, with minimal income inequality. Holding the 12th rank on the Nomad Passport Index, it permits dual citizenship as of 2020.

Norway $65,662.17 GDP (PPP) per capita

After its 1950s oil discovery, the UAE transitioned from agriculture to diverse sectors like tourism and finance, blending tradition with modernity.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) $69,733.8 GDP (PPP) per capita

Switzerland, driven by sectors like banking, holds the highest average adult wealth at $700,000. It's a prime European spot for affluent individuals seeking low taxes and quality life.

Switzerland $71,032.84 GDP (PPP) per capita

Bermuda, driven by tourism and finance, boasts a GDP of $80,271.13. This tourist-magnet Caribbean island offers great infrastructure and is tax-friendly.

Bermuda $80,271.13 GDP (PPP) per capita

Qatar, an oil-rich Middle Eastern nation, boasts a GDP of $92,862.35, ranking fourth globally. Hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup as the first Arab nation, it invested $200 billion in infrastructure.

Qatar $92,862.35 GDP (PPP) per capita

Ireland's 12.5% corporate tax, post-2008 reforms, lured companies like Apple, establishing it as a tax haven. Those with Irish ancestry could qualify for citizenship; reach out for details.

Ireland $97,662 GDP (PPP) per capita

Singapore, the second-wealthiest city-state with a GDP of $106,032.23, is known for its open economy, offshore gold storage, and beneficial tax system.

Singapore $106,032.23 GDP (PPP) per capita

Luxembourg, boasting the highest global GDP at $115,683.49, attracts businesses with low taxes and houses over 9,000 holding companies and the European Investment Bank.

Luxembourg $115,683.49 GDP (PPP) per capita

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