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10 of the Least Corrupt Countries in Asia

In this web story, we’ll take a look into the 10 least corrupt countries in Asia, offering unique insights for travel enthusiasts and potential investors alike.


As corruption significantly impacts social, economic, and political dimensions, let’s now have a look at the 10 least corrupt Asian countries according to Transparency International’s CPI rankings for 2022.

The Top 10 Least Corrupt Countries in Asia

Qatar, 10th least corrupt nation, improves in CPI rankings. Despite scrutiny, it emphasizes transparency and integrity, deterring corruption through strong initiatives.

Qatar CPI Score: 83

Brunei, Southeast Asia's affluent nation, fights public sector corruption with zero-tolerance policies and strong government commitment, showcasing continuous improvement.

Brunei Darussalam CPI Score: 60

South Korea, known for industrialization and culture, combats corruption with strict measures. Government and citizens collaborate, keeping corruption perceptions index consistently low, reflecting ongoing progress.

South Korea CPI Score: 63

Israel, despite complexities, fights corruption with strict punishments and zero tolerance. Vigilant public sector and ingrained anti-corruption culture reflect in its respectable CPI score.

Israel CPI Score: 63

UAE, a Middle East leader, fights corruption with strong government efforts and public adherence to laws, making it one of Asia's least corrupt nations.

UAE CPI Score: 67

Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon, maintains low corruption due to robust checks and committed public sector, aligning with its focus on Gross National Happiness. Transparent and accountable in Asia.

Bhutan CPI Score: 68

Taiwan, a democratic stronghold in East Asia, ranks fourth in low corruption. Strong legal measures and cultural emphasis on public sector integrity contribute to its impressive CPI score.

Taiwan CPI Score: 68

Japan, with a rich cultural heritage, ranks third in low corruption. Government dedication to integrity and societal values of honesty create a highly trustworthy and transparent nation, reflected in its impressive CPI score.

Japan CPI Score: 73

Hong Kong, second in low corruption, boasts a strong legal system, transparent governance, and a rule-of-law culture. Popular for businesses and individuals.

Hong Kong CPI Score: 76

Singapore tops Asia's least corrupt nations. Strong anti-corruption measures and business-friendly environment make it a global leader. While the top 10 prioritize integrity, thorough research or expert advice is vital for decisions.

Singapore  CPI Score: 83

Understanding corruption perceptions is crucial for Asian investments and travel. Top 10 least corrupt nations offer stability and security, attracting global citizens. Contact us for expert insights on international investments and second citizenship.


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