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The Fastest Countries in The World to Become a Citizen

Having dual citizenship or even multiple citizenship gives you the freedom to travel and invest. Having one citizenship alone does not.


The fastest way, this is actually not the fastest way, but rather the quickest, most cost-efficient way to get a second passport. 

The Fastest Way To Get A Second Passport

In contrast, others, like naturalization, can be somewhat slow, so if you’re looking to become a citizen of a particular country, it’s a good idea to understand how you can get that citizenship as quickly as possible.

So, before we review a few specific countries, let’s discuss each of the fastest ways to obtain citizenship.

Most quality citizenship by investment programs can be found in either the Caribbean, Dominica, which starts at $100,000, or in Europe, Malta, which runs upwards of $736,000.

Make an Investment

Get quicker citizenship through ancestry, but it might take time and paperwork. EU offers these programs; use our eligibility checker!

Citizenship by Descent

Marrying someone with a better passport? It could speed up your naturalization, but beware of immigration fraud risks.

Marry a Foreign National

Talent or investment can lead to citizenship waivers in countries like Albania, Qatar, and Singapore. Austria's program is rarely used due to strict criteria.

Special Treatment

Fastest second passport: become a resident, start naturalization clock. Keep in mind, timelines can vary due to complexities.

The Fastest Countries To Become  A Citizen

Armenia offers quick naturalization in about three years, with investment and residence permit options. Citizenship requires an Armenian constitution test.

Armenia (3 years)

The Dominican Republic offers second citizenship in three years to well-off foreigners. However, delays are common, and the process may not be as swift as promised.

Dominican Republic (3 years)

Peru offers a two-year path to citizenship with stricter residency criteria, including higher investment and Spanish language proficiency requirements.

Peru (2 years)

Paraguay is an off-the-radar emerging country with an attractive permanent residence program. While it's among the easiest countries to gain citizenship in, the process can take longer than the theoretical three years and comes with challenges.

Paraguay (3 years)

Uruguayan citizenship takes three years with substantial ties, or five years if you're single. It's a challenging process, so consider it only if you're fully committed to becoming Uruguayan.

Uruguay (3 years)

Bolivia offers speedy residency through investments, but requires over six months of residence for two years. While not a top choice for Nomad Capitalists, Bolivia allows dual citizenship.

Bolivia (3 years)

Honduran passports are accessible through retirement or a $50,000 investment, with passive income sources accepted. Consider Roatan in the Western Caribbean for a safer option than the mainland.

Honduras (3 years)

Would you like to start to build your passport portfolio? Are you just starting out and don’t have large amounts of money to set aside for citizenship by investment? Become a Nomad Capitalist client, and we can help you get that second citizenship quickly.


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