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The Best Places to Retire Abroad

Looking for the best countries to retire abroad? This web story explores top destinations, considering warm weather, cost of living, and healthcare.


Here are the 10 best countries, judged on the cost of living, healthcare system, and other factors, to obtain a retirement visa.

Top 10 Countries to Retire Abroad

Retiring in Mexico offers benefits like a lower cost of living and access to quality healthcare, but requires proof of economic solvency and navigating through residency processes.


Panama attracts retirees with its affordable healthcare, friendly atmosphere, and diverse landscapes. The warm climate and established expat communities make it a desirable location for retirement.


Colombia offers retirees a lower cost of living and a highly ranked healthcare system. A straightforward process makes obtaining a retirement visa relatively easy.


Malta attracts retirees with its Golden Visa program, economic stability, and quality healthcare. The country offers a safe, modern lifestyle at an affordable cost.


Costa Rica offers retirees a low income requirement for visa, quality healthcare, and affordable living amidst abundant natural beauty.

Costa Rica

Cyprus offers retirees a warm climate and scenic beaches, with a straightforward residency permit for those with a minimum pension income.


Ireland appeals to retirees with its high standard of living and English-speaking environment. Financial self-sufficiency is required to enjoy its cultural richness and diverse, picturesque landscapes.


The UAE offers a retirement visa for those above 55, with certain financial or property ownership criteria. It is popular for its world-class healthcare, diverse real estate options, and a large, international expatriate community.

United Arab Emirates

Ecuador attracts retirees with its affordable living, quality healthcare, and natural beauty. The retirement visa is accessible for those with a stable pension income.


Spain attracts retirees with its affordable lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and quality healthcare. To secure a non-working residence visa, retirees need financial stability and no outstanding U.S. loans or mortgages.


There are many factors to take into account when choosing from countries to retire in. They include climate, healthcare, and real estate. Check out our article about The Best Places to Retire Abroad in 2023.


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