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Safest Countries in Asia for Nomads

In this web story, we will embark on a journey across the Asia to uncover the safest countries for nomads


Discover Asia's top 10 safest countries, showcasing vibrant cultures and effective security efforts.

Top 10 Safest Asian Countries for Nomads

Vietnam attracts nomads with its low crime rate, attributed to strict laws and a focus on public safety.

Vietnam GPI score: 1.786

South Korea combines tech innovation and low crime, ranking as Asia's ninth safest country with a rich cultural appeal for travelers.

South Korea GPI score: 1.779

Mongolia, a rugged and remote nation, is one of the safest Asian countries. This mountainous region boasts low crime rates and peaceful nature.

Mongolia GPI score: 1.775

Kuwait, an affluent Middle Eastern nation, stands out with its remarkable safety ratings, showcasing a commitment to public safety and a remarkably low crime rate.

Kuwait GPI score: 1.739

Taiwan is known for its safety, friendly locals, and modern landscapes, though tensions with China pose a risk.

Taiwan GPI score: 1.618

Qatar's low crime, developed infrastructure, and cultural heritage contribute to its high GPI score, marking it as a safe Middle Eastern country.

Qatar GPI score: 1.533

Bhutan's safety is attributed to low crime, government policies, and a culture of peace, earning it a high GPI ranking.

Bhutan GPI score: 1.481

Malaysia's peace, low crime, and societal safety efforts make it one of Asia's safest countries.

Malaysia GPI score: 1.471

Japan's low crime and public safety, enhanced by strict laws and technology, rank it as Asia's second safest country.

Japan GPI score: 1.336

Singapore tops Asia in safety with low crime, strict laws, and advanced public safety measures, making it a nomad favorite and renowned for its secure banks.

Singapore GPI score: 1.326

These ten Asian nations are highlighted for their safety and cultural richness. Utilizing insights from the Global Peace Index, Nomad Capitalist is your gateway to explore these destinations for living, investing, and thriving globally.


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