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Easiest Bank Accounts in Europe

Looking to diversify your assets? Europe offers a range of offshore banking options. But not all are easy to access. Let's explore the easiest bank accounts in Europe.


Europe is a known commodity for many Westerners. It's often the first destination considered for offshore banking. But beware, EU countries have stringent AML and KYC rules.

Why Europe?

Banking in Europe comes with its own set of challenges. From extensive paperwork to higher fees, know what you're getting into.

Challenges in Europe

Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan offer easy banking options. Georgia is a standout with banks like TBC and Bank of Georgia welcoming non-residents.

The Caucasus Region

Countries like Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania in the Balkans are still viable options. Knowing the right people can make the process easier.

The Balkans

Portugal offers a secure EU option. With advance planning, you can open an account with four-figure minimums.


Hungary offers retail accounts for smaller depositors.  A trip to Budapest and some local connections can open doors.


If you're looking for private banking, Andorra and Switzerland are options. But they come with high minimum deposits and fees.

Private Banking

Offshore banking in Europe is a mixed bag. From easy options in the Caucasus to stringent requirements in the EU, choose wisely.


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