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How to Get Andorran Residence

– Andorra is a small principality in the Pyrenees mountains bordering Spain and France. – It's official language is Catalan. – It uses the euro as currency.

Andorra - Country Overview

– Obtaining Andorra Residency Is Generally Straightforward – Living in Andorra could go from a dream to a reality within a few months. – You must live in Andorra for 90 days a year to maintain residency.

What are the Benefits of Andorra Residence?

– You can get Andorran residency for less than €100,000. – Andorra has no capital gains, inheritance, or sales taxes. – Non-residents are taxed on their income sourced from Andorra.

More Benefits

Andorra has different residence permits ranging from Category A Immigration Authorization to Category M Immigration Authorization.

What Types Of Andorra Residence Are There?

– Authorizes you to reside and work in Andorra. – Valid for one year and renewable three times for periods of two years.

Category A Immigration Authorization

– You can apply for this active residency if you accept the quota established by regulation, provide an indefinite employment contract with an Andorran, and show evidence that you intend to take up effective and permanent residency in the country.

Category A

– Family members of an Andorran national or the main applicant of residence and work authorization can apply for this residence permit to live in Andorra.

Category B Immigration Authorization

– (for Andorran national's family) Permit validity is ten years. – (for Andorran resident's family) Permit validity is initially for one year and then renewable three times for two years.

Category B

This allows you to work in Andorra but reside outside the territory.

Category C Immigration Authorization

This non-employment passive residency permit accepts applicants if you are looking for: – A residence without lucrative activity – A residence as a professional with international exposure – Residence for reasons of scientific, cultural, and sporting interest.

Category D Immigration Authorization

The Andorra immigration department created this permit for active residents employed in the country's educational centers.

Category E Immigration Authorization

This Andorra residency targets those planning to relocate to Andorra for studies, high-level sports training purposes, or for scientific research for the duration of the activity.

Category F Immigration Authorization

With this permit, you temporarily enter the Andorra tax system while employed in the country on a seasonal contract.

Category G Immigration Authorization

This is another short-term permit for foreign professionals employed on a contract in Andorra for a maximum of 30 days a year.

Category H Immigration Authorization

This is effectively a non-Andorra residency as it authorizes you to work abroad for a company legally established in Andorra and also to reside abroad during the entire authorization period.

Category I Immigration Authorization

This is a residency card for self-employment applicants with their own company. In addition to the usual documents, you need to provide the following: – Foreign investment authorization – A business plan

Category J Immigration Authorization

– Proof, within a maximum period of three months from the date of entry of the immigration authorization application, that you have completed an Andorra company formation – A deposit for the unpaid amount of €15,000 to the Andorran Financial Authority (AFA).

Category J

This is simply a duplicate of an immigration authorization. Anyone in possession of a valid immigration authorization can request a duplicate in the following cases:

Category K Immigration Authorization


– In case of loss or theft of the authorization – In case of deterioration of the authorization – In case of a change of address – In case of a change of names – In case of change of company.

Category K Immigration Authorization

This is merely a certificate that proves that you hold a residence permit.

Category L Immigration Authorization

This provides for a definitive leave of Andorra.

Category M Immigration Authorization

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