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How to Get an Austrian Residence Permit

Austria, one of the world's most livable countries, boasts excellent culture, history, infrastructure, and living standards.

An Ideal Central European Base to Establish Second Residency

Generally, you can get a residence permit in Austria if you: – Are Financially Independent – Open a Company – Are An Employee – Qualify for Family Reunification – Study at an Austrian University Let's discuss the most relevant options.

How to Get a Residence Permit in Austria?

– Only 450 individuals get this permit on the first working day of January each year. – Under this permit, you can't work or run a business in Austria.

Austrian Residence Permit for Financially Independent Individuals

– You must prove a regular monthly income of € 2,220.52 (for single applicants in 2023). – You must buy or rent a property in Austria. – You must own health insurance. – You must prove your German proficiency.

Austria offers two types of permits to foreigners who want to work in the country: – Red White Red Card – EU Blue Card

Austrian Residence Permit for Working Individuals

A Red-White-Red-Card is issued to: – Highly Qualified Workers – Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations – Other Key Workers – Self-Employed Key Workers – Start-up Founders


You may be granted an EU Blue Card if you: – have studied at a tertiary educational institution for at least three years – have received a job offer for at least one year in Austria – are promised an annual income of at least € 45,595 (in 2023)

EU Blue Card

If you want to start a business in Austria, you have the following options: – Red-White-Red-Card for Self-Employed Key Workers – Red-White-Red-Card for Start-up Founders

Austrian Residence Permit for Entrepreneurs

Your business must meet at least one of the following criteria: – Minimum investment of €100,000 – Create new jobs in Austria, or secure existing jobs – Be of regional significance. – Work with new technology.

Self-Employed Key Workers

A start-up founder must: – Make a minimum investment of €50,000. – Operate their business according to the approved business plan. – Launch innovative products or services. – Obtain a score of at least 50 in the points system.

Start-up Founders

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Austria – A Top Tier Residence Option

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