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How to Establish Residency in Albania

Tax-friendly, business-friendly, and expat-friendly - Albania checks all the boxes for an underrated European base for nomads.

A Small European Country with Huge Potential

– Liberal Foreign-Investment Regime – Competitive Tax Rates – EU Candidate

Why Albania?

Type A: Non-renewable + Fixed Term Type B (Unique): Renewable + Fixed Term Type C (Unique): Issued indefinitely. Blue Card AL (Unique): Renewable + Fixed Term +  Only for highly qualified employees. Blue Card AL-C: Permanent + only for highly qualified employees.

Types of Residence Permits in Albania

Residence Permits are issued for: – family reunification – study reasons – employees – Self-employed – Investors – Others

Who Qualifies for an Albanian Residence Permit?

In addition to the categories mentioned above, foreign investors can get: – Albanian Residency by Investment – Albanian Residence through Real Estate

How to Establish Albanian Residency?

Foreign investors will get a unique residence permit in exchange for their investment. – The permit is issued for two years and renewable for three years. – After nearly eight years, investors will get a permanent residence permit. – Albanian authorities will determine the value of the investment.

Albanian Residency by Investment

– The economic activity should have a ratio of five Albanian citizens for every foreigner. – The employees must be paid at least the average salary in Albania. – The economic entity (usually a business) must be profitable and comply with tax obligations.

Conditions for Albanian Residency by Investment

– The investor will get a one-year renewable permit. – No restriction on the type of property purchased – Investors must demonstrate a contract of sale. – Property can have multiple owners. – The investor must own at least half of the property – The investor must remain a property owner to continue their residency.

Albanian Residency through Real Estate

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Should You Consider Albania?

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