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How Long Is A Passport Valid For?

We help people obtain second citizenships, enabling economic freedom for nomads and entrepreneurs. A US adult passport lasts ten years, but this web story explores passport validity globally.


We assist busy digital nomads and entrepreneurs with passport deadlines and requirements. We provide information on validity periods, adult vs. child passports, and passport formats to simplify the process.

Keeping Track of Long-Term Deadlines

Sync your new passport's expiration with your current one, saving hassle and paperwork. Ideal for those planning to go or stay offshore.

Which are The Best Second Passports?

Before you fill out the paperwork for the first warm country that comes to mind, be sure to read through our Nomad’s 2023 Passport Index.

The USA The US issues biometric passports with embedded chips for personal identification. Renew passports every 5 or 10 years; passport cards offer limited use for specific border crossings.

How Long Is A Passport Valid For?

Canada offers Regular, Temporary, and ePassports. Regular ones are valid for 5 or 10 years, temporary for 6 months to a year, and ePassports contain biometric data and are valid for 5 or 10 years. Renewal is streamlined online, taking about 20 working days.


The blue British passport, issued since 2020, excludes EU references. It's for citizens of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, Overseas Territories, and British subjects. Adult passports last ten years, child passports last five. For EU travel, passports need six months' validity, renewals are online or by mail.

The United Kingdom

Irish passports signify Irish and EU citizenship, with biometric features since 2006. Adult passports are valid for ten years; child passports for five. Ireland's biometric passport card allows EU travel for up to five years. Renewals can be done online.


Australian passports feature a biometric chip and are valid for ten years for adults, five years for children. Frequent Flyer Passports were discontinued in 2017, but existing ones remain valid. Renewal should be done nine months before expiry, taking around three weeks.


New Zealand's latest passport, introduced in 2021, features a silver fern. Biometric since 2005, adult passports are valid for ten years, child passports for five. Renewals, done online, take about ten working days.

New Zealand

South African passports: advanced security, 10 years for adults, 5 years for children. Maxi passports for frequent travelers, valid 10 years. Renew online, need 6 months' validity after entry.

South Africa

German passports went biometric in 2005. Children's passports lack biometric data until age 12, while adult passports last six to ten years and can be renewed in person or by mail.


Belgian passports come in Dutch, French, and German. Adults can choose 32 or 64-page formats, renewing every seven years, while children's passports last five years. Renewal can be done by post or in person, requiring six months' validity after entry.


Citizenship by investment allows gaining a second passport through investments, ranging from $100,000 in Dominica to $750,000 in Malta. Despite controversy, these programs aim to boost struggling economies.

What About Citizenship by Investment?

Knowing your passport's validity is crucial for nomads. Stay tuned for more helpful articles on passport information and travel advice. We're here to simplify the process and support your travel needs. Get started with us.


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