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High-Quality European Passports Anyone Can Obtain

Having a second passport is an important step toward personal and economic freedom. However, the goal of obtaining a second passport can sometimes mean getting just about any passport.


If you’re looking for a well-respected second passport that offers excellent ability to travel and opens doors both at immigration counters and with bankers and investors, here are five European passports you might consider.

Malta offers an excellent passport for those with real money to spend. In exchange for €600,00-€750,00 in various investments, plus fees, you can become Maltese within about 12-18 months.


Belgium offers zero capital gains taxes, making it attractive to investors. Residency can be obtained through business or means of support, and citizenship is possible after five to seven years. Belgian citizenship provides a strong passport and a low-risk status abroad.


Estonia's e-residency offers limited benefits, but entrepreneurs can immigrate by starting an Estonian company. With low taxes, you can apply for residence, then naturalization and a passport after eight years.


In Latvia, you can become a citizen in around ten years. Options include investing in a company, real estate, or depositing €300,000 in a Latvian bank. It's a flexible and low-risk route to high-quality citizenship with US visa-free access.


You can get Romanian citizenship in just five years through residency or by starting a company. Though not widely practiced, getting visas for entrepreneurs is possible.


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