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10 of The World’s Fastest Growing Economies

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Based on the IMF’s projections, these were the top 10 countries with the highest GDP growth rates in 2022 (Please note that the following may change as the IMF regularly updates their projections):

The World’s Fastest Growing Economies

The real GDP growth rate of Guyana was notably high at 57.8% in 2022, putting it at the top of IMF’s list of fastest-growing economies.

Guyana 16.4 percent in 2022

Fiji’s economy saw a significant expansion of 12.5% in 2022 based on the IMF’s projections, largely due to the resurgence of tourism, with moderate inflation of 4.8%.


Seychelles achieved a high rank on the IMF’s list at third place, with a real GDP growth rate of 10.9% in 2022, driven by the boost in tourism, and the economy is predicted to continue growing at 5.4% in 2023.


The economy of Barbados experienced a marked increase of 10.5% in 2022 based on the IMF’s projections, mainly due to the tourism sector bouncing back, following an 18% contraction in 2020.


In Saint Kitts and Nevis, the economy grew at a healthy rate of 9.8% in 2022 based on the IMF’s projections, with the return of tourism, which contributes 60% of the country’s GDP.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Iraq's economy grew by 9.3% in 2022, making it the sixth fastest-growing according to the IMF. This surge is primarily attributed to rising oil prices.


In Saint Lucia the economy showed a notable growth of 9.1% in 2022 based on the IMF’s projections, with tourism bouncing back after being significantly affected by the pandemic in 2020.

Saint Lucia

Georgia's economy grew by 9% in 2022, securing its place as the 8th fastest-growing economy by the IMF. The country is also recognized for its business-friendly environment.


Kuwait's economy grew by 8.7% in 2022 due to rising oil prices. Nomad Capitalist specializes in analyzing global investment opportunities beyond just data.


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