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8 Fast Latin America and Caribbean Citizenships by Marriage

Marriage is an often overlooked path to obtaining a second citizenship. Whether you're married or planning to be, it's a quick and cost-effective way to secure a passport. In this web story, we'll delve into eight Latin American and Caribbean countries where this option is viable.


While there are several options, we’re going to focus specifically on Latin American and Caribbean countries. The following countries offer fast citizenship if your spouse has one of these passports.

Options in Latin America and The Caribbean

Be married to a Bahamian for under 5 years, pay a BS$100.00 processing fee, and a BS$250.00 approval fee. It can take just 3-4 weeks. Alternatively, invest in property or a local business for citizenship.

The Bahamas

This Caribbean passport offers great travel access, and marriage to a local allows citizenship registration. Visa-free to countries like Singapore, UK, China, and the EU. Commonwealth ties provide opportunities, ideal for investors and businesspeople.


Belize citizens can sponsor foreign-born spouses for citizenship after a year of marriage. English-speaking country with passport benefits for UK, Ireland, and Singapore. Consider tax incentives and retirement opportunities.


Bolivia offers limited citizenship options; not a tax haven. Longer residency requirements, but shorter if married to a citizen. Limited economic benefits, but historical ties with Russia.


Brazil offers citizenship by birth and marriage. Birth route requires time and taxes. Marriage offers a quicker passport and a chance to explore your partner's country. Ideal for those planning to settle somewhere new.


Colombian citizenship takes 5 years on your own, but only 2 if married to a Colombian. It grants South American and European visa-free access, making it a valuable passport.


For Costa Rican citizenship, you need an extended stay. But if married to a Costa Rican, the process is streamlined - 2 years, no language test, and it offers excellent travel access, excluding the United States.

Costa Rica

Mexico's passport allows extensive travel like the US. Various citizenship routes exist, with a two-year path through birth or marriage, offering great opportunities.


Latin American and Caribbean countries offer strong passports, excluding US visa-free access. Marriage-based citizenship is a quick option for a second passport. For personalized options, contact our team.


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