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Claim Albanian Citizenship by Descent

Albania offers extensive state offerings in education and healthcare. Plus, with the government's recent economic reforms and progress towards EU membership, an Albanian passport may become a valuable commodity.

Why Albania?

Albania is in the Balkans, borders several countries, has mountains and forests. Tirana, the capital, was named European Youth Capital in 2022.

Where is Albania?

Obtain Albanian citizenship by descent by proving Albanian origin and meeting residence, property, means, and language requirements.

Albanian Citizenship by Descent

The process for obtaining Albanian citizenship by descent includes four stages: residence, parentage, property, means, criminal record, and language skills. The application fee is €30.

How to Apply for Albanian Citizenship by Descent

Don't miss out on the opportunity to acquire Albanian citizenship by descent. With the right documents and qualifications, you can become an Albanian citizen in no time. Start your journey to a better future for you and your family today!

Get Your Albanian Citizenship Today

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