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Citizenship by Descent: Nomad Capitalist 

With a Citizenship By Descent (CBD) Plan from Nomad Capitalist, you gain all the advantages of second citizenship, including enhanced travel freedom, business opportunities, and lower taxes, with zero investment costs

Discover Your Ancestry – and Gain the Benefits of Second Citizenship

Explore our CBD services to reconnect with your roots and discover fascinating new aspects of your history and identity.

– Most Affordable Option – Easiest Plan B – More Freedom – Best Gift for Future Generations – Opportunity to Pay Fewer Taxes

Benefits of Citizenship by Descent

1. Fill out our form 2. Hop on a free assessment call with our team 3. Lastly, we research, gather the necessary documents, and submit your citizenship application to the relevant authorities - all while you sit back and relax.

How the CBD Process Works at Nomad Capitalist?

Nomad Capitalist has helped over 2000 clients go where they're treated best. Acquiring second citizenship through descent is the most affordable option to diversify your passport portfolio.

Reclaim Your Heritage With Nomad Capitalist

If you think you qualify for a foreign country's citizenship through your ancestors, fill out our form and hop on a free assessment call with us to start your journey. Who knows - you might be one passport richer by the end of it.

Our experienced team can help you legally reduce your tax rate offshore, protect your assets, invest overseas, obtain a second citizenship, and improve your peace of mind.  We’ve helped 2,000+ HNWI entrepreneurs and investors and we can help you, too.

Protect Your Assets and Secure Your Future