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Best Countries to Move to From Canada

Seeking a change from Canada's stellar lifestyle? Nomad Capitalist lists the top 10 countries for Canadians in 2023, based on visa rules and living costs.


Many Canadians consider moving abroad for a warmer climate or a different quality of life. Adventure and new job opportunities also entice individuals to explore life beyond Canada.

Why Consider Moving from Canada?

Before relocating, consider the country's visa requirements and the potential language barrier. Also, research the cost of living, desired quality of life, and preferred climate.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Country

Many countries are great options for Canadians looking to move abroad. Here are the top 10 places for Canadians to live abroad in 2023:

The 10 Best Places for Canadians to Live Abroad

Ireland offers entrepreneurs a high standard of living and low corporate tax, making it popular among expats, with its rich culture and beautiful landscapes.

Ireland  Best Country for Entrepreneurs

Malta, a small EU island nation, attracts investors with its low tax rate and strong economy. As a member of the EU, Canadian citizens can enter the country without a visa.

Malta Best Country for Investors

Panama attracts retirees with its affordable living, Pensionado Visa benefits for Canadians, and low crime rate.

Panama Best Country for Retirees

Costa Rica is a popular destination for Canadian digital nomads thanks to its excellent internet connectivity, beautiful scenery, and friendly locals.

Costa Rica Best Country for Digital Nomads

New Zealand boasts beautiful landscapes and adventure, with a strong economy, making it perfect for thrill-seekers seeking stability.

New Zealand Best Country for Adventure

Portugal offers a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle, making it an excellent option for those who value a slower pace.

Portugal Best Country for a Quiet Life

Mexico draws Canadian expats with its climate, affordability, rich culture, and visa options such as the Temporary Resident Visa.

Mexico Best Country for Warm Weather

Known for its affordability, unique culture, and great food, attracts Canadians. With various visa options, including a Retirement Visa, it's a convenient destination for relocation.

Thailand Best Country for Low Cost of Living

Australia, with its high living standard, warm climate, outdoor activities, and robust education and job opportunities, attracts Canadians looking to relocate.

Australia Best Country for Political Stability

Canada is commendable, but living abroad offers unique benefits. Let Nomad Capitalist help you find the perfect spot and achieve freedom; sign up for our Action Plan.


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