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The Best Countries to Buy Gold in 2023

This web story covers buying gold in the best countries and offers tips on purchasing precious metals. Central banks, led by China, are increasing their gold reserves. People have bought gold for centuries as a hedge against instability and hyperinflation.


Hong Kong is a prime gold-buying destination with well-capitalized banks offering cost-effective options and excellent deals for physical gold transactions.

The Best Country to Buy Gold Hong Kong

Dubai is a global gold-buying hub with diverse options, but watch out for potential online markups.

Best Countries to Buy Gold UAE

Countries with stable banking, like Switzerland, are ideal for buying gold. You can buy gold through Swiss banks, dealers, or jewelers, but research and compare prices for the best deals.


Austria is great for buying gold with lower premiums at its banks. Consider reputable sources like trusted precious metals firms or well-known banks.


Saudi Arabia, like the UAE, offers numerous gold options, but compare prices and do due diligence for the best deals, especially on significant investments.

Saudi Arabia

India, while not as stable for offshore banking, offers abundant gold options. Indians, including non-wealthy individuals, prefer jewelry and contribute significantly to the global physical gold supply, with numerous sellers across the country.


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