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Best Countries In Eastern Europe For Planting Business Flags

Looking for the best countries to retire abroad? This web story explores top destinations, considering warm weather, cost of living, and healthcare.


Eastern European countries vary in investment suitability. Croatia, Montenegro, and Cyprus pose challenges despite low taxes or citizenship programs. However, some Eastern European gems are ideal for investment. Here are the top five.

Countries in Eastern Europe to Avoid

Bulgaria, ranked fifth, offers stable finances with a low debt-to-GDP ratio and a 10% corporate tax rate. It's part of the EU, granting access to the entire EU market. Residency is attainable through job creation and a six-figure investment.


Serbia has a favorable business environment with a low debt-to-GDP ratio and a 15% flat tax rate. It's easy to obtain a second residence by starting a small business, especially in cities like Belgrade. Serbia offers affordable, skilled talent for businesses.


Estonia offers a 20% flat tax and innovative e-residency program. Despite high hiring costs, it's business-friendly. Lithuania is a cost-effective Baltic alternative for hiring.


Georgia, favored by our founder, has a 15% tax rate and strong economic stability. It's praised as one of the most capitalist countries and ideal for tourism investments. While transfer payments might require extra effort, Georgia is affordable, business-friendly, and welcoming to Americans.


Macedonia leads due to transparency, stable economy (low debt-to-GDP ratio), and 10% flat corporate tax. Strategic location aids businesses. Residence permits granted for hiring, plus citizenship program.


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