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Banking in Antigua and Barbuda

– One of the most prosperous Eastern Caribbean countries. – Attractive tourist destination. – World-renowned offshore banking jurisdiction.

Antigua And Barbuda

– Home to national and international banks offering foreign currency accounts. – Commonwealth member state. – Has a common law legal system.

Benefits Of Banking in Antigua And Barbuda

– English is the official language. – The Eastern Caribbean dollar is the official currency. – Offers a 0% individual income tax rate since 2019. – Offers citizenship by investment route to foreigners.

More Benefits

– Antigua and Barbuda residents – Individuals in search of online and remote offshore banking – Individuals in search of a stable banking jurisdiction

Who Should Bank In Antigua And Barbuda?

– Establish contact with an Antigua and Barbuda bank. – Understand their rules and regulations. – Share your banking history/credit reference with them. – Demonstrate proof of funds, identity, and accommodation.

How To Open A Personal Bank Account In Antigua And Barbuda

– Demonstrate Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration/ Declaration – Demonstrate Memorandum and Articles of Association – Demonstrate Register of Directors and Members You may be asked to submit additional documents depending on your corporate structure.

Open A Corporate Bank Account In Antigua And Barbuda

How To Open A Corporate Bank Account In Antigua And Barbuda

– ACB Caribbean – Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank – CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank – The Antigua & Barbuda Development Bank

Top Banks In Antigua And Barbuda

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