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5 Best Countries to Invest in Asia in 2023

– Comprises 48 countries – Offers a diverse range of investment opportunities – Home to the top ten of the largest economies, best passports, largest manufacturers, and the largest consumer bases in the world.

Why Asia?

– Consumer base of nearly 100 million – Primary corporate alternative for people leaving China – Foreigners can't own freehold land and can only leasehold property for up to 70 years – Stock Investment requires a brokerage account in Singapore or Hong Kong


– One of the world's wealthiest nations – Boasts one of the best passports in the world – Excellent spot for real estate investment – Properties in Singapore cost an average of US$ 20,000 per square meter


– Foreigners can own freehold property – Real estate investment in Malaysia may qualify you for visa programs like the MM2H visa, etc. – You can find property in Kuala Lumpur for US$2000-US$3000 per square meter.


– Home to Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world – Offers one of the easiest and cheapest residencies in the world – The Cambodian stock market is small but growing – You can buy centrally-located property in Phnom Penh for US$1000 per square meter.


– Offers residence through real estate investment – Foreigners can only buy freehold condos in the Philippines – Foreigners can enjoy 100% corporate ownership – You can access the Philippines Stock Exchange through a brokerage account in Singapore.


It's essential to consider the regulations of each country before making an investment decision. We at Nomad Capitalist can help you make the best investment.

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