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10 Best Countries for Medical Tourism

– World capital for plastic surgery – Highly trained specialists and doctors – More than 40 JCI-accredited hospitals – Nearly tied with the US in terms of healthcare efficiency


– Home to the world's most renowned plastic surgeon, Ivo Pitanguy – Plastic surgery for pets is also available – Costs for plastic surgery can be as less as 60% than in Western countries

– Famous for dental procedure – Most people visit from the US to receive medical and dental care – Healthcare standards are equal to, if not better than, the US – Healthcare services are available at a fraction of the cost of the US


– Top location for medical tourism – Top retirement destination – Many hospitals are affiliated with major hospitals in North America – Most doctors received their training and education in the US or Western Europe – The medical staff is largely English-speaking – Offers significant savings on costly procedures back home


– Top location for medical tourism – Top retirement destination – Costs for major operations or doctor visits are often a quarter of the US price. – The dental tourism niche is booming in Costa Rica – Dental procedures' prices are nearly half of the prices you'd find in the US.

Costa Rica

– Excellent healthcare option in the EU – Known for services like teeth whitening, cosmetic surgeries, etc. – You can save up to 60% on cosmetic surgeries, compared to the UK

Czech Republic

– Known for eye-health specialists – Growing medical tourism sector – Home to world-class health treatment centers, spas, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, etc. – Prices are merely a fraction of what you'd find back home


– Known for high-end surgeries at low prices – Home to one of the top ten medical tourism hospitals – Generally, you can save over 75% on medical procedures in India compared to the Western countries


– The country is anticipated to have a $2 billion industry serving the overseas patients – Over 100,000 foreigners visit India each year to receive medical care – Many hospitals have translators to assist foreign partients – Top destination for cardiac bypass surgery

– One of the best medical tourism destinations in the world – Boasts low health care costs and excellent service for expats – Thai medical tourism is growing by 16% a year


– Many Thai doctors have been trained in Western countries and speak excellent English. – Haven for inexpensive plastic surgery and non-elective procedures – Bypass surgery could cost 80% less than the US prices

– Boasts one of the most sophisticated hospital systems in the world – Medical tourism hub for both Asians and Westerners – Known for world-class cancer treatment


– The WHO ranks Singapore as the best healthcare system in Asia and sixth in the world. – Life expectancy in Singapore is several years longer than that of the UK – By many standards, Singapore has the world's lowest infant mortality rate

– Over half a million tourists visit Malaysia each year for medical care – Malaysia's medical facilities rival Singapore at much lower price points – Malaysian hospitals offer services like vitro-fertilization at around one-fifth the price of Western facilities


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