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When to Consider Citizenship by Investment Programs

Although life-changing, Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs are not for everyone.

Not Everyone's Cup of Tea

If you qualify for a Citizenship by Descent (CBD) program, then it's better to wait for an extra year to acquire ancestral nationality for free rather than spend money on a CBI.

When Not to Consider Citizenship by Investment Programs

However, if your only option to get a second citizenship is by making a donation or a real estate investment, then we generally recommend having a seven-figure net worth or making a seven-figure income.

When to Consider Citizenship by Investment Programs

Once you’ve decided to pursue CBI, you should consider a tax-friendly or tax-free country with a streamlined CBI program.

Go Where You’re Treated Best

If you have a seven-figure net worth and a considerable income along with it, then spending around US$100,000 plus some fees will prove to be a good backup plan in the long run.

Get a Plan-B

If done the right way, getting second citizenship can help you lower your taxes, boost your lifestyle, and expand your travel freedom - all with one move.