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UAE Golden/Green Visas: More Opportunities for Indians

UAE: Golden, Green visas create more opportunities for Indians to live and work in Emirates, says official.

UAE Golden/Green Visas

More skilled professionals and entrepreneurs in India have started exploring opportunities in the UAE over the past year.

The UAE's Golden and Green visas, in particular, have been attracting talented individuals to the region, said president, and CEO, Dubai Chambers- Mohammad Ali bin Rashed Lootah.

India was the first country to sign such a bilateral trade agreement with the UAE, and the nation is integral to the UAE economy with approximately 3.5 million Indian citizens living here, Lootah explained.

UAE is a favorite among investors because of its zero income tax rate and various free zones. According to the UAE’s Ministry of Economy, the country has over 40 free zones in which foreign investors and expats can fully own companies.

Why  UAE?

If you want to properly set up a business and hire employees to work from the office, you may want to set up a company in a free zone in Dubai right in the middle of all the business activity. If that’s not your goal, you may opt for a distant free zone to incorporate your business.

Set up a Business in UAE

Besides its business-friendly environment, UAE, especially Dubai, is known for its wealth, vibrant nightlife, modern infrastructure, and high quality of life. Overall, UAE offers a thriving business community, many investment opportunities, the best quality of life, and more.

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