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Why You Should Start a Business in Montenegro

Discover the benefits of starting a business in Montenegro, a hidden gem in Eastern Europe. With low tax rates, a prime location, and EU candidate status, Montenegro offers a favorable environment for entrepreneurs.


Montenegro, formed in 2006 after splitting from Serbia, has a population of 628,281. Podgorica, the capital, is home to over 150,000 people, while the old royal capital, Cetinje, is located at the base of Mount Lovćen, the country's namesake.

Country Overview

Montenegro's Mediterranean climate draws tourists with warm summers and mild winters, except in the northern mountains where temperatures can drop to -2°C (27°F) in winter.

Montenegro Climate

Montenegro's economy shifted from farming to tourism. It adopted the euro in 2002, aligns with EU directives, and is an EU candidate, hinting at promising investments once it achieves membership.

Montenegro Economy

1. EU Candidate State 2. Tax-Friendly Jurisdiction 3. Ease of Company Formation 4. Double Taxation Treaties 5. Pathway to Montenegrin Residency

Benefits of Setting up a Company in Montenegro

Montenegro, a NATO member and EU candidate, offers stability, access to 800 million consumers, and serves as a convenient base in Europe due to its use of the euro and strategic location.

1. EU Candidate State

Montenegro boasts low tax rates, ranging from 9% to 15% for personal and corporate taxes. Non-residents are taxed only on Montenegrin-sourced income, making it a tax-friendly choice.

2. Tax-Friendly Jurisdiction

Montenegro offers quick company formation, tax incentives, and exemptions for businesses in specific areas, along with an affordable English-proficient workforce. Ideal for entrepreneurs.

3. Ease of Company Formation

The country has entered double taxation avoidance agreements with countries including France, Germany, and the UK. Moreover, Montenegro boasts the highest foreign direct investment in the region.

4. Double Taxation Treaties

Gain Montenegrin residency by opening a company or purchasing real estate. Note that starting a business no longer qualifies for citizenship. For foreigner-friendly solutions, contact us.

5. Pathway to Montenegrin Residency

Montenegro offers a business-friendly environment with low taxes, incentives, skilled workforce, and EU candidate status. Company formation can lead to residency.

Should You Form a Company in Montenegro?

Picturing your spot in Montenegro? Reach out to us, and we’ll help you acquire personal and corporate freedom in Montenegro.


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