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Saint Lucia Updates Citizenship by Investment Regulations

Saint Lucia updates the regulations of its CBI Programme in order to remain competitive and meet the growing demand for investment opportunities in the Caribbean country, all for the ultimate benefit of the people of Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia amends CBI Programme regulations

Saint Lucia is enhancing its Citizenship by Investment offering through amendments approved by the Citizenship by Investment Board and Honorary Deputy Prime Minister, Ernest Hilaire, to remain competitive in the Caribbean's diverse economies, effective Jan 1st 2023.

Saint Lucia amends CBI fees&introduces new Bond Offer

A new due diligence and background check fee of $7500, replacement fee for lost or damaged certificate has been increased from $100 to $500 and the fee for adding a new-born dependent through the country’s National Economic Fund is now $5000, up from $500.

Additionally, a new Bond Offer has been introduced with the option of purchasing non-interest-bearing Government Bonds with an investment sum of $300,000, a bond holding period of 5 years and administrative fee of $50,000. And the minimum investment for the real estate option has been reduced to $200,000.

Saint Lucia is an emerging economy in the Caribbean region, offering a variety of investment and business opportunities for wealth planning and portfolio diversification.

Saint Lucia's Fast-Growing Economy& Investment Opportunities

The country's Citizenship by Investment Programme is one such opportunity that offers ideal business opportunities to investors who do not want to be bound by border limitations. The programme allows investors to obtain alternative citizenship in Saint Lucia in exchange for an investment in the country's economy. 

Saint Lucia's Citizenship by Investment Programme, launched in 2016, attracts FDI to fund projects such as infrastructure development, real estate, business expansion and job innovation, improving standard of living and providing valuable revenue for the government.

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