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Safest Countries in Europe for 2024

A country could be the ultimate highly developed, zero-tax investment hub, but people still wouldn't touch it with a pole if they felt unsafe there. Safety is that important.

Why is Safety So Important?

– The Luxembourgish passport ranks 2T on the Nomad Passport Index 2023 due to its excellent travel freedom, fantastic perception, friendly taxation laws, and immigration policies.


– Consistently topping the Global Peace Index since 2008. – The only NATO member without a standing army, navy, or air force. – One of the safest places to travel as a solo woman traveler.


– Boasts 3rd spot on the UN's Human Development Index and Women, Peace, and Security Index. – The crime rate is very low due to a strong sense of community and support networks.

– Central European country - known for its crystal-clear lakes, majestic mountains, and world-class ski resorts. – One of the most environmentally safe countries in the world. – Boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the world.


– The Global Peace Index ranks Ireland as the third most peaceful country in the world. – The country is eighth on the UN's Human Development Index – Ireland is among the top 20 on the Women Peace and Security Index.


– The Global Peace Index and the Women Peace and Security Index rank Denmark 4th in the world owing to its low crime rates and extremely low danger rating. – It's also among the top twenty in the Safety Perception Index.


– Finland is the second-safest country on the Women's Peace and Security Index. – The remarkable social welfare system, tight-knit community, and high living standards have made Finland the happiest nation in the world.


– Norway leads the Women Peace and Security Index. – It also has stringent gun laws and one of the lowest crime rates in the world. – It has 6th position on the Safety Perception Index.


– The country is among the top listings on the Global Peace Index and the Women Peace and Security Index. – Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, is also one of the top five safest cities in the world.

The Netherlands

– The country ranks sixth on the Global Peace Index and has a very low crime rate. – It is also among the top tourist destinations in the world. – Portugal offers excellent tax incentives to foreigners looking to live in Portugal.


– Georgia ranks 24th on the Safety Perception Index owing to its low crime rate and high satisfaction levels of its citizens and residents. – Georgia is an ideal European base for business activities or even a second home.


At Nomad Capitalist, we're all about the holistic approach. For a country to be in our good books, it must be tax-friendly, business-friendly, investor-friendly, and of course, safe.

Is Safety All That Matters?

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