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Safest Countries in Africa for Nomads

Discover secure destinations globally with our Global Peace Index-based list. For confident nomad capitalists, assessing safety is essential with Nomad Capitalist.


So let’s venture into the African continent and explore its safest countries as ranked by the Global Peace Index.

Top 10 Safest African Countries for Nomads: GPI-Ranked

Senegal, a vibrant West African nation, combines rich cultural traditions with political stability and low crime rates. Explore the lively markets and beautiful coastline of its capital, Dakar.

10. Senegal GPI Score: 1.916

Namibia, known for deserts and wildlife like Etosha National Park, prioritizes safety through government efforts, fostering a conscious culture of peace and stability.

9. Namibia GPI Score: 1.908

Malawi, the "warm heart of Africa," prioritizes friendliness and safety. Government initiatives reduce crime, making it one of Africa's safest countries, while Lake Malawi offers a serene experience for visitors.

8. Malawi GPI Score: 1.895

This small West African country blends Spanish, French, and Portuguese cultures. With a stable government actively reducing crime, Malabo, the capital, showcases Spanish colonial architecture and vibrant nightlife.

7. Equatorial Guinea GPI Score: 1.8638

Zambia, home to Victoria Falls, blends culture and wildlife. The government's commitment to peace ensures visitor safety, crucial for thriving wildlife tourism.

6. Zambia GPI Score: 1.841

Sierra Leone, recovering from a civil war, progresses with resilience. Government reforms enhance safety, boost tourism, and showcase vibrant culture in Freetown.

5. Sierra Leone GPI Score: 1.803

Botswana's rich tradition meets modernity with effective government policies ensuring safety. Chobe National Park, renowned for abundant wildlife, adds to the allure of this secure destination.

4. Botswana GPI Score: 1.801

Gambia, Africa's smallest mainland country, boasts rich culture and friendly people. Improved societal safety, with a focus on reducing petty crime, adds to its allure as a peaceful and inviting destination.

3. Gambia GPI Score: 1.792

Ghana, safe and stable, celebrates vibrant culture and festivals. Collective efforts maintain a high peace index for a peaceful environment.

2. Ghana GPI Score: 1.759

Mauritius, Africa's safest country, blends cultures, peace, and low crime. With beautiful beaches and favorable tax rates, it's an attractive gateway to Africa's emerging markets.

1. Mauritius GPI Score: 1.570

Africa's diverse opportunities appeal to nomads, travelers, and investors. Use our guide with Global Peace Index metrics for confident exploration, discovering secure and welcoming environments in each unique African country.


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