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Limited-Time Offer to St. Kitts & Nevis CBI Program

Obtain a second citizenship and visa-free travel to 150 countries with Saint Kitts and Nevis' highly ranked citizenship by investment program, established in 1984.

Saint Kitts and Nevis' Citizenship by Investment Program: The Platinum Standard

From Jan-Jun 2023, CIU is offering reduced investment contributions to the Sustainable Growth Fund for applicants. Minimum investment for LTO: $125k for main applicant, $150k for main applicant & spouse, $170k for main applicant & two dependents.

New Regulations and Changes to the CBI Program in 2023

From Jul 2023, minimum investments will be adjusted. CBI applications under the Limited-Time Offer will have a shorter processing timeframe of 60 days.

Real estate developers must apply to be designated as Approved Development. Minimum investment for a resort share is $200,000, and $400,000 for a private dwelling.

Changes to Real Estate Investment Option in Saint Kitts and Nevis CBI Program

The category of AIO, which implied investment in social housing, will be abolished and replaced by Public Good Investment Option. Although the essence will not change: it will still be investment in social infrastructure and housing, the minimum amount of contribution is $175,000.

Introduction of Public Good Investment Option

Choosing PGIO or investments in real estate, an investor, in addition to the mandatory contribution, is required to pay additional government fees for submitting an application and DUE Diligence processing.   Let’s consider in more detail.

Government Fees for CBI Applications

Main applicant – $ 25,000 His/Her spouse – $ 15,000 A dependent under 18 – $10,000 A dependent over 18 –  $ 15,000

Application Fee

Main applicant – $ 45,000 His/Her spouse – $ 32,500 A dependent under 18 –  $ 22,500 A dependent over 18 –  $ 37,500

An Accelerated Application Fee (processing within 60 days)

Main applicant – $ 7,500 A dependent over 16 –  $ 4,000

Due Diligence Fee

Application Processing Fee

$ 250 - per each person

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