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10 of the Least Corrupt Countries in the World

Considering overseas investments? Explore our guide on the top 10 least corrupt nations, backed by CPI data. With Nomad Capitalist, delve into safe investments and superior governance, ensuring you venture where you're truly appreciated.


Let’s now take a look at the ten least corrupt countries around the world, as ranked by Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).

Journey into Integrity

Luxembourg, 10th on our list, showcases exceptional governance and transparency. Its human rights stance and CPI score underline its anti-corruption efforts.

10. Luxembourg (CPI Score: 80)

Germany adheres to strict EU anti-corruption standards. Its vigilant governance and active citizens enhance its CPI ranking.

9. Germany (CPI Score: 81)

The Netherlands values transparency. Its government and citizens collaboratively counter corruption and champion human rights.

8. Netherlands (CPI Score: 83)

In Scandinavia, Norway embraces Swedish transparency. Its united efforts against corruption result in a notable CPI score.

7. Norway (CPI Score: 84)

Switzerland ranks high for low corruption due to strict laws and an active judicial system. Its political engagement and unique lump sum tax attract HNWIs.

6. Switzerland (CPI Score: 85)

Sweden exemplifies Scandinavian good governance and values transparency. With engaged citizens and dedicated anti-corruption efforts, it holds a high CPI score.

5. Sweden (CPI Score: 85)

Singapore stands out for low corruption, backed by its strong anti-corruption body. Its high CPI score and pro-business stance make it a top choice for HNWIs.

4. Singapore (CPI Score: 85)

Finland emphasizes transparency and governance. Its dedicated citizens and accountable government ensure a high CPI score, signifying reduced corruption.

3. Finland (CPI Score: 87)

New Zealand, known for its scenery, champions good governance. Its effective laws and united efforts have curbed corruption, elevating its CPI score.

2. New Zealand (CPI Score: 88)

Denmark tops in transparency and governance, with citizens championing integrity. Despite its position as the least corrupt country, it contends with high taxes.

1. Denmark (CPI Score: 90)

Corruption links to poverty and institutional distrust. While Northern Europe prefers stability with higher taxes, we guide clients to low-tax, anti-corruption areas, optimizing benefits.

Embracing a Future Free from Corruption

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