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Italy's Dolce Visa: Proposed Changes

A bill has been introduced in the Italian senate to change Italy's "Dolce Visa" (investor visa) and add a new real estate investment option. It's been with the 1st Standing Commission for Constitutional Affairs since March.


The bill proposes to reduce the minimum investment amount for the company investment option from EUR 500k to EUR 400k and for the innovative startups investment option from EUR 250k to EUR 200k.

Minimum Investment Requirements

The bill allows investment in private savings plans and a real estate investment option with tiered min investment, in addition to the current option of investing EUR 2 million in Italian government bond.

New Investment Options

Real estate investment min investment: EUR 1.5m in metropolitan areas, EUR 1m in provincial capitals/municipalities with over 25k population, 750k in municipalities under 25k.

Real Estate Investment Option

The bill proposes issuing a five-year visa at the outset, with a minimum investment holding period of five years, and making conversion to other permits during this five-year period impermissible.

Procedural Changes

The bill allows family members to obtain residence permits through the same expedited process as the investor, eliminating the current 6 month wait time.

Family Residence Permits

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