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How to Establish Tax Residency in Cyprus

Cyprus has a beneficial tax system with no capital gains or wealth/inheritance taxes and non-domiciled taxation allows exemptions on income from dividends, interest, and rental income.

Cyprus offers non-domiciled taxation exemptions on income from dividends, interest, rental income, and employment outside Cyprus for over 90 days per year, valid for 16 years.

Why Cyprus?

To be a tax resident of Cyprus, spending 183 days in Cyprus or 60 days with certain conditions, business/employment, office in a Cyprus-based company and a permanent residence are required.

Tax Residency in Cyprus

Becoming a tax resident of Cyprus by forming a Cyprus company and hiring oneself as a director, obtaining Social Security Number, opening corporate bank account, transferring at least 41,000€ and getting an employment permit and temporary residence.

Cyprus Tax Residency Application Process

The process of becoming a tax resident is the same for EU and Non-EU citizens, however, EU citizens do not need special permits to live in Cyprus, whereas Non-EU citizens must obtain the relevant visa and permit.

EU and Non-EU Citizens

Individuals can obtain a tax certificate from the Cyprus Tax Office to show to other countries, provided they are up to date with their tax obligations.

Obtaining a Tax Certificate

Cyprus has a favorable corporate tax system and one of the lowest tax rates in the EU. It is not necessary to transfer all business activities to Cyprus, but it is worth noting the benefits of this system.

Cyprus Corporate Tax System

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