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How ArriveCAN Was a Failure

If you live in Canada, work for a hundred years, make a million dollars a year, and pay your fair share of high Canadian taxes on your income, it still won't pay for the $54 million the government spent on the ArriveCAN app.

How ArriveCAN was a Failure?

Tech Experts' Opinion about ArriveCAN "... could've been made in a weekend with a pack of Redbull.."

The Bottomline The government is wasting your money - no surprises there!

The Solution Want to put your money to better use? Go to a country with minimal or no taxes.

How Would That Help? The money you save on taxes can be invested in a business, given to a charity, or used to create personal and corporate opportunities for yourself and your family.

The World is Your Oyster The government keeps wasting your money on overpriced apps because they figure you will not go anywhere. Prove them wrong - go where you're treated best. Because you deserve it.

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