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How to Get Residency in Serbia for Tax Purposes in 2023

– Landlocked country in the West Central Balkans – Capital: Belgrade – Bordered by Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro – EU Candidate State

Serbia - Country Overview

The following will qualify you as a Serbian tax resident: – Living in Serbia for at least 183 days per year (consecutively or otherwise) – Owning a residence (personal base) in Serbia – Owning a business (economic base) in Serbia

How to Become a Serbian Tax Resident?

Investors and entrepreneurs may find the following residency routes interesting: – Residence by Company Formation – Residence by Real Estate Investment

How to Establish Tax Residency in Serbia?

– No minimum investment required. – You can set up an LLC (minimum required shared capital of €1). – No physical presence requirements to set up or run the company.

Residence by Company Formation

– You can expect to register your Serbian company in 5-7 days. – After six months of getting your temporary residence permit, you can apply for permit renewal. – The temporary residence permit may be renewed for 1-3 years.

– No minimum investment required. – You can only buy Serbian real estate if your native country has a reciprocal real estate agreement with Serbia. – Getting residency by real estate requires you to stay in Belgrade for 1-2 months after filing for residency.

Residence by Real Estate Investment

– Residence permits (through real estate) can be renewed annually. – You must spend at least half of the approved residency period in Serbia.

Permanent residence is possible after five years of temporary residency. You can include your spouse and minor children in your application. Citizenship is possible after five years of permanent residency.

Establishing Permanent Residence in Serbia

– Flat 15% corporate tax – 10% to 20% personal income tax – No restrictions regarding investment, foreign business ownership, or hiring a local workforce – Gateway to Serbian citizenship

Benefits of Establishing Tax Residency in Serbia

Serbia is an excellent option if you're seeking a European base that still offers corporate flexibility and personal freedom. Reach out to Nomad Capitalist and go where you're treated best.

Should You Consider Establishing Tax Residency in Serbia?

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