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Four Legal Ways to Not Pay US Income Tax

By living outside of the US for at least 330 days out of 365, you can exempt $120,000 of taxable income from your annual taxes.

Strategy 1: Move outside of the United States

Getting a second residency can also help you reduce your US tax burden. However, in the case of the US, this strategy is very subjective and should be opted for after professional consultation.

Strategy 2: Establish a Residence Somewhere Else

Several programs in Puerto Rico and the USVI allow you to cut your tax rate by 90%. The catch? You actually have to spend at least half a year there, among other things.

Strategy 3: Move to One of the US Territories

This move is not for everyone. But the good news is that once you renounce your US citizenship, you're done forever. No more frustrating paperwork and dealing with the IRS (depending on the location of your assets).

Strategy 4: Renounce your US Citizenship

Filing US taxes or creating strategies to lower your tax bill isn't a DIY project, so don't treat it like one. Consult Nomad Capitalist - we've helped many US citizens cut their taxes to zero, and we can do it for you too.

Don't DIY Your Taxes

Our experienced team can help you legally reduce your tax rate offshore, protect your assets, invest overseas, obtain a second citizenship, and improve your peace of mind.  We’ve helped 2,000+ HNWI entrepreneurs and investors and we can help you, too.

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