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4 Flags Worth Planting In The Next Year With Caribbean CBI

This web story highlights some of the best opportunities in the Caribbean to grow your wealth and live the kind of life you deserve by building a global citizen strategy.


Gain Caribbean citizenship through marriage, naturalization, or Citizenship By Investment (CBI) with a $100,000 investment and tax benefits. No residency required for CBI in most Caribbean nations.

Caribbean Citizenship

Plant flags wisely for global citizenship. A Caribbean CBI passport is cost-effective and beneficial for your global strategy.

Where To Plant Your Caribbean Flag

Saint Lucia, Eastern Caribbean paradise, offers the Caribbean's most affordable CBI program with options like a $100,000 donation or $300,000 real estate investment. The new National Action Bond (NAB) at $300,000, with a $50,000 admin fee, is the only one of its kind in the region.

Saint Lucia

Grenada, the "Spice Isle," offers passports via donation or property investment. Donation: $150,000 for individuals, $200,000 for a family of four. Property investment: $220,000 - $350,000 plus fees. Access 135+ countries visa-free.


Dominica, a stunning island with mountains and rainforests. Obtain a passport via real estate investment, donation, or approved business. Donation starts at $100,000. Passport grants visa-free travel to 134 countries.


Antigua and Barbuda: Affordable family passport at $100,000 plus fees. Other options include University Fund, National Development Fund, property, or business investments. Access 142 visa-free countries.

Antigua and Barbuda

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