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Expat-Friendly Countries with No Capital Gains Taxes

A capital gains tax is the tax on profits from the sale of certain assets, such as stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate, and property. It usually discourages investment and stops capital from reaching its highest use.

What is Capital Gains Tax?

There is no capital gains tax in Switzerland on trades of securities. Gains from business properties are taxed as income taxes. Stock gains and other investments are taxed if you are trading for a living.


There is no capital gains tax, making it an excellent jurisdiction for foreign investment.


No surprises here. The Cayman Islands is a renowned tax haven with no capital gains tax, among many other tax exemptions.

The Cayman Islands

Unless you're a French national, you won't have to pay capital gains tax in this beautiful country.


Malaysia doesn't impose any capital gains tax on shares, dividends, or real estate investments.


New Zealand doesn't have a general capital gains tax. However, capital gains derived by a company will generally be taxed as dividends on distribution to shareholders. Also, it has a (rarely enforced) formal law stating that real estate purchased for the express purpose of resale can be made subject to capital gains taxes.

New Zealand

There is no capital gains tax in Belize, making it a foreign investment magnet.


Hong Kong doesn't tax capital gains, except shares issued to employees as part of a pay package, which is taxed at the city's flat income tax rate.

Hong Kong

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