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15 Expat-Friendly Countries that Speak English 

English is the official language of this tax-free island nation. The Bahamas offers several residency options and is very open to foreign investment.


Over 60% of Belize's population speaks English - the official language. Belize is nothing short of a tropical paradise with Mayan ruins and excellent water sports activities.


As a British Overseas Territory, it's no surprise that English is the official language of Bermuda, and over 90% of the population speaks it. Bermuda is also a highly developed country with no income taxes.


Home to thousands of US expats, and the world's most affordable CBI program, it's no surprise that English is the official language of this island nation.


Want to become a tax resident or set up shop offshore? This European tax-friendly jurisdiction will not disappoint. As a British Overseas Territory, the official language is, of course, English.


As a highly developed, well-reputed EU country that runs on English, we can't miss Ireland. If you want an excellent quality of life without using Google Translate every day, you'd love Ireland.


Situated between Ireland and the UK, everyone in this small island country speaks English. The country features sleepy fishing towns, medieval castles, and vast rural landscapes.

Isle of Man

Located between the UK and France, one of the official languages of Jersey is English. The country has no capital gains tax and offers a lump sum tax program, making it highly expat-friendly.


You can easily live in Malaysia as an English speaker if you try to stick to the urban areas. Malaysia doesn't tax foreign-sourced income, making it highly suitable for foreigners.


Business-friendly, expat-friendly, tax-friendly, English-speaking - these are only some of the critical attributes of Malta, making it an excellent second residency or citizenship option.


With beaches, underwater waterfalls, snorkeling opportunities, ease of doing business, and favorable tax laws, Mauritius surely packs a punch. Moreover, English is the official language there.


Just like in Malaysia, you should stick to the urban areas in the Philippines to experience a mostly English-speaking environment. Expats love the Philippines for its low cost of living and favorable tax laws.

The Philippines

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated US territory boasting an eclectic mix of English and Spanish cultures. It offers nearly the same quality of life as the US without stringent regulations.

Puerto Rico

English is the de facto language of banking and contract signing in Singapore. Moreover, most Singaporeans are bilingual, and 1 in 5 is a millionaire. Talk about a high-profile environment.


One of the easiest places to pay zero income tax and get a second passport in a matter of months, Vanuatu is an island country near Australia. The majority of its population are English speakers.


– Scandinavia – Netherlands – Balkans – Baltics

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Best English Speaking Country

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