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Cyprus Residence by Investment

The European tax haven that’s long been the fastest and cheapest way to buy your way into European citizenship. Cyprus is, undeniably, one of the hottest and most popular destinations in the investment immigration world. For just €300,000 and in two short months, Cypriot residence by investment could be all yours.

Cyprus is a stable country with a strong economy, low corporate tax rates, and a high-quality lifestyle. The surge in foreign investment has increased real estate prices, but also offers a variety of luxury properties for purchase.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus residence program is a long-standing and popular way for foreign investors to boost the country's economic growth and development. Investment options range from €300,000 for permanent residency to €2 million for citizenship. Application process takes approximately two months.

Cyprus Residence by Investment

1. Americans looking to renounce their citizenship 2. Weak Passport Holders 3. Individuals needing permanent resident status 4. Investors who have a better use for the millions required for citizenship

Who Should Consider Cyprus Residence Program?

I1. t’s super-fast. You can obtain your residence permit in just two months. 2. Approval almost guaranteed. If you fulfill all of the requirements, you’re almost certain to be approved. 3. No residency requirement

The Pros of Cypriot Residence by Investment

4. No donation. Cyprus does not require a donation. That’s basically money spent and gone for good. Instead, you’ll stay in control of your investment. 5. Permanent residency. Cyprus offers permanent residence to investors, unlike other European countries which offer temporary residence. This has more benefits and is more difficult to revoke.

6. Flexible investment options. Although you can only invest in real estate if you want to become a resident in Cyprus. 7. It’s almost Schengen. Currently, Cyprus isn’t part of the Schengen zone (2020). However, it’s admission is imminent, which means that you will get visa-free access to travel to pretty much all of the EU once it happens.

8. Residence doesn’t expire. Your permanent residence permit won’t expire for as long as you hold your investment property. 9. Bring your entire family. Your entire family, including spouses, minor children, unmarried children aged 18-25, parents, and parents-in-law, can be included in your residence application in Cyprus.

Cyprus is a safe, stable country with a high standard of living and a favorable tax regime. It has top-quality education and is one of the cheapest countries for obtaining a European passport. Although you can't work in Cyprus as a resident by investment, you can own a local business and receive dividends. English is widely spoken and the country has excellent infrastructure and medical facilities.

Cypriot residence offers fast, cheap access to EU with no physical residence requirement. It has good deal for residence and passport and enhances personal and financial affairs. European Golden Visa programs have tax planning implications and the European Commission may tighten rules or shut down programs. 

Get in touch with the Nomad Capitalist team to put together a holistic plan outlining how you can legally reduce your tax burden, become a global citizen, and live the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle in Cyprus.

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