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11 Countries with The Lowest Taxes in Europe

Dreamed of living in Europe?  High taxes put off some, but it’s possible to live there with lower taxes through strategic residency and investments.


Andorra, pressured by the EU, introduced income tax in 2015, yet remains a low-tax haven nestled between high-tax Spain and France, making it ideal for investors and those with capital gains due to its minimal tax burden.

1. Andorra

Hungary boasts a 9% corporate tax and a 15% standard rate for personal income tax. To qualify as a tax resident, spend 183 days in Hungary or have a permanent home there, but note that the country is less immigration-friendly compared to others in the EU.

2. Hungary

Bulgaria flaunts a 10% flat rate for both personal and corporate taxes, offering simplicity and low rates. To become a fiscal resident, live in Bulgaria for 183 days or make it your "center of life," but consider other Balkan countries like Serbia or Romania for personal preference.

3. Bulgaria

The Czech Republic offers favorable tax rates, especially for EU citizens, and Prague stands out as an attractive low-tax option with a 15% flat rate, advantageous for self-employed individuals.

4. Czech Republic

Georgia: 1% income tax up to $194,000, no tax on foreign income for non-U.S. citizens, and the option to be a tax resident without living there. Safe and low-cost living make it appealing.

5. Georgia

Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory, offers low-tax benefits to all residents. Entrepreneurs or those with substantial wealth can qualify for tax advantages, with different criteria for each program.

6. Gibraltar

Malta, in the Schengen Area and EU, provides tax-friendly programs with low corporate tax rates. Residents can live elsewhere yet maintain Maltese residency without being taxed on foreign income kept abroad.

7. Malta

Monaco, in the Schengen Area but outside the EU, offers 0% personal income tax. To reside, it requires a hefty bank deposit and property purchase, mainly for the affluent.

8. Monaco

Montenegro boasts a 9% flat tax, attracting residents and investors. It offers temporary residence for property buyers and a Mediterranean escape with low tax rates.

9. Montenegro

Portugal usually isn't a low-tax place, but non-habitual residents can get a ten-year income tax exemption. Yet, there are limitations for certain income sources, demanding careful tax planning for residents.

10. Portugal

Swiss residency offers legitimacy with two options: form a company or opt for Lump Sum Taxation based on living costs. Flat tax varies by canton, from $150,000 to $1 million yearly, potentially decreasing for higher incomes.

11. Switzerland

The UK offers tax perks for wealthy individuals through its "non-dom" system, taxing foreign income if brought into the country. Residency involves a substantial investment, and seeking tax benefits requires expert guidance.

12. The United Kingdom

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