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Cambodian CM2H vs. Thailand Golden Visa Programs

– Thailand Long-Term Resident Program (Thailand Golden Visa) – Cambodia My 2nd Home (CM2H) Program

This web story will discuss:

This ten-year visa is open for the following categories of foreigners: – Wealthy Global Citizens – Wealthy Pensioners – Work-from-Thailand Professionals – Foreign Experts with Special Skills

Thailand Long-Term Resident Program (LTR)

Each category comes with a set of requirements that you can find out in our article about Cambodian CM2H vs. Thailand Golden Visa Programs.

LTR visa holders have the following significant benefits: – No entry and exit restrictions. – Foreign-sourced income is tax-exempt for them. – (If highly skilled) they pay personal taxes at a reduced rate of 17%.

Privileges Offered to Thailand Golden Visa Holders

– They are exempt from the four Thais to one foreigner employment requirement ratio. – They can bring four dependents, including their spouse and children under 20.

To be eligible for CM2H, you must: – Invest at least $100,000 in Cambodia. – Own a government-approved Cambodian real estate project. – Be a citizen of a country or region recognized by Cambodia. – Be 18 or above.

Cambodia My 2nd Home (CM2H) Program

– Renewable 10-year visa with no entry or exit restrictions in Cambodia. – CM2H visa holders can apply for Cambodian citizenship after five years. – Only official pathway to Cambodian citizenship.

Benefits of the Cambodian Golden Visa Program

– Free professional assistance for certain personal and work-related matters in Cambodia. – One-year free medical insurance in Cambodia. – VIP access at Cambodian airports.

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