Best 6 EU-Based Digital Nomad Visas for 2024

A digital nomad visa is not technically a residence permit but a longer-stay visa. Across the globe, these schemes differ; some allow you to stay for five years, and others for six months or a year, which can be renewed.


Spain's Digital Nomad Visa permits non-EU remote workers, with 20% income from Spanish firms. Renew for up to five years, enjoying tax benefits under the Beckham Law.

1. Spain

Portugal's digital nomad scheme, launched in 2022, replaces the D7 visa. Stay up to four months initially, then apply for a renewable two-year residence permit. A minimum monthly income of €3,040 is required, with tax benefits under the NHR 2.0 regime.

2. Portugal

Estonia's non-renewable digital nomad visa allows living and working there for a year. To qualify, show employment, partnership, or freelance status with income proof. Stay less than 183 days to avoid Estonian taxes; beyond that, pay a flat 20% rate as a tax resident.

3. Estonia

The Greek digital nomad visa offers up to two years in the Mediterranean, with visa-free EU access. Earn €3,500 monthly from remote work outside Greece, needing proof of accommodation and a residence permit. Stay under six months to avoid local taxes; beyond, pay local rates starting at €12,000 annually.

4. Greece

Malta, with its tax perks and English-speaking community, draws digital nomads. Nomad Residence Permit demands €2,700 monthly income. Enjoy tax-free status for a year, even if staying over 183 days, with home country tax residency.

5. Malta

Croatia offers a Digital Nomad Visa, requiring €2,700 monthly income, valid for a year. Tax exemption if you have residency elsewhere. Proof of Croatian accommodation needed. No income tax in Croatia on remote earnings; check home country tax treaties.

6. Croatia

Many people are beginning to realise that they can work from anywhere in the world. The more you earn, the more the requirement there is for proper planning. After all, living in a foreign country is not something you do on a whim.

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