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Benefits of Offshore Gold Storage

Read our recent gold investment articles? Curious about offshore options? Discover methods, benefits, and storage choices with Nomad Capitalist. We'll guide you to reputable facilities and experts in precious metals ownership.


1. Avoid home storage: High risk, not recommended. 2. Bank safe deposit boxes: Inexpensive, but no insurance, and banks can access without your consent.

Methods of Gold Storage

3. . Private vaulting facilities: Recommended for high net-worth clients. Experts handle your assets, provide security, and offer insurance. Nomad Capitalist partners with trusted providers like J. Rotbart & Co.

Storing your gold in a different jurisdiction offers a number of benefits, including shielding yourself from government overreach and excessive taxes, while affording you greater financial freedom.

Benefits of Storing Precious Metals Offshore

US history includes gold seizures, like Roosevelt's in 1933. Concerns persist due to government's financial control desires. Safeguard assets by storing gold offshore.


Offshore gold and silver storage ensures financial privacy. Regulations vary, making expert advice essential. Unlike government currencies, gold is decentralized, offering global usability and superior privacy compared to blockchain transactions.

Financial Freedom

Diversification is vital in investing. Going offshore with a second passport, offshore accounts, and precious metals storage provides ultimate protection against economic and social disruptions in your home country.


Now that we are clear on the benefits of offshore gold storage let’s look at some jurisdictions worth considering.

Benefits of Offshore Jurisdictions

Singapore is a top choice for offshore gold storage due to its stability, low crime, and impressive gold vaults. Firms like J. Rotbart & Co. offer services like credit against physical bullion and gold-backed debit cards, making it ideal for buying gold and opening an account.


Switzerland is a top choice for secure gold storage, offering strong property rights and a history of safeguarding physical gold. Unlike some countries, Switzerland allows citizens to exchange physical gold without confiscation concerns.


Liechtenstein, akin to Switzerland, offers secure gold storage with stability, strong ownership rights, and easy access from neighboring countries. It ensures privacy as customer data and box contents aren't reported.


New Zealand also offers potential as a wealth and gold-storing territory, thanks to its isolation from the world’s problems, developed economy, and being English-speaking, making transactions easy.

New Zealand

Consider Austria for gold storage in the heart of Europe, offering accessibility and anonymity at places like Das Safe in Vienna. We can help with a strategic approach, ensuring you choose a reputable and secure storage facility, guided by professionals.


Choose a private storage facility over banks for safer precious metals storage. Look for a company like Rotbart that handles secure buying, selling, and transportation of gold, ensuring smooth transactions and saving you money and stress.

Precious Metals Storage Facility

Safeguard assets, diversify investments, and avoid confiscation by storing gold overseas. Offshore storage offers secure options amid uncertain fiat currencies. Nomad Capitalist provides expert gold partners and a personalized strategy for asset protection.


Our experienced team can help you legally reduce your tax rate offshore, protect your assets, invest overseas, obtain a second citizenship, and improve your peace of mind. We’ve helped 1,500+ HNWI entrepreneurs and investors and we can help you, too.

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